The best way to keep your pet healthy.

Vet Planet Group is committed to preventive medicine; we want to make healthcare available and accessible to everyone. We believe that prevention is better than the cure! The best way to keep your pet healthy. Early diagnosis of health issues will help your pet live a long and healthy life.
We are proud to offer the Vet Planet - Health Plan, which allows for a closer and regular monitoring of your pet, but in an economical way.
The Health Plan provides the regular care your pet needs throughout its life, such as vaccinations, sterilization, diagnostic tests and even aesthetic care. It is available for several species, from the dog, to the cat and exotic.

Be part of the Pet Club, an advantagious club that offers customers various discounts on products and services that are not usually covered by other health insurances.

How to join?
Go to a Vet Planet clinic, or Fish Planet store.

Alternatively, or for more information,
call 217 600 22/98 from 10:00h to 22/23:00h, or talk to us via chat.

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