It is up to the owners to ensure that the animals in their care have all the conditions described in the rules, before and during the time of the stay, thus ensuring a smooth check-in. Before your stay, we advise you to check with a veterinarian the vaccines and their validity/appropriate administration dates. For any questions regarding the conditions, do not hesitate to contact us (210 114 906 | 939 591 529)

When checking in, you will need to fill in an Admission form that includes: Term of Responsibility against Abandonment, essential questions for the stay, as well as all the terms and conditions inherent to your pet's stay at the hotel.

Hotel Accommodation Includes:
  • Protection in the sized boxes;
  • Sanitary conditions;
  • Daily release in fenced parks;
  • 24-hour surveillance;
  • Food administration.

Animals must have their vaccination schedule updated, as evidenced by the presentation of the Vaccine Bulletin:
​Dogs - Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis (DHPPI+L/L4; Canigen; V7; Eurican CHPL), Rabies (Nobivac Rabis; Rabisin; Rabigen; Versiguard Rabies; Vanguard R; Versican Plus Pi/L4R; Versican Plus; DHPPi /L4R, Versican DHPPi/L3R, Rabdomun, Purevax rabies, Eurican CHPPi2-LR, Eurican CHP-LR) and Kennel Cough (Pneumodog; Nobivac KC), dewormed (internal and external);

Cats – Respiratory herpes, Infectious rhinotracheitis or calicivirosis, Infectious panleukopenia (Nobivac Tricat, Versifel CVR, Purevax RCP, Purevax RCPCh), Internal and external deworming;

Rabbits – Myxomatosis and Viral Hemorrhagic Disease (Myxo-RHD).

The Vaccination Bulletin must be kept on the premises of the Hotel Monsanto Pet during the period of stay of the animal.

Animals must be dewormed. In case of parasitism, Hotel Monsanto Pet can carry out the deworming of the animals with the authorization of the owners, according to the values ​​in force.

Any recent illness or chronic illness that the animal has, must be reported on the date of entry.
If the animal is on medication, the owner must bring a prescription from the Assistant Veterinarian.
In cases of advanced age, intensive care or weakness of the animal, a liability waiver will be requested and the daily rate may be adjusted.
For your comfort and that of your pet, we have a veterinary medical service.

In cases where contact (by phone, message or email) with the owner is not possible, and in urgent cases, Hotel Monsanto Pet is authorized to take all the measures it deems appropriate to resolve the situation, namely travel / transport of the animal, proceed with its internment in its own Veterinary establishment, sign terms of responsibility and authorize procedures that appear to be the most appropriate to preserve.

When the animal does not leave with its owner, the owner must communicate in writing to the Hotel Monsanto Pet staff the identification of the person who will represent him.
To make the environment as familiar as possible for the animal, you can bring your favorite toys or even your bed.
Animals must be sociable, aggressive animals are not accepted. The owner is responsible for complying with all legal obligations regarding their pets, with special emphasis on obligations regarding animals considered potentially dangerous, which will always have to present proof of the updated registration in the respective Parish Council, as well as the liability insurance.

If the animal is dangerous, the Hotel reserves the right to isolate the animal, and the owner will have 24 hours to collect the animal. After this period, if the animal is not collected by the owner, it will be considered abandoned by the owner.

In case the animal is not picked up within three days after the expected date of departure from the Hotel Monsanto Pet, and without prior notice from the owner, the legal provisions for delivery of the animal to the Municipal kennel will be activated.
Booking and Payment
The value of the stay is calculated based on the services and number of days of stay selected in the pre-booking made on the site.
The pre-booking is not binding or definitive, there may be adjustments in the values, contemplating for example the Monthly Campaign that is not covered in the values ​​presented. At the time of booking, it will be necessary to pay 50% of the total amount of the stay, non-refundable.
This amount must be paid after confirmation of availability by the Reservations Department. We advise you not to make the payment until you have received a response from the Reservations Department.

The values shown include the time stipulated for check in from 3 pm to 6.30 pm and check out from 9 am to 12.30 pm, on weekdays and Saturdays. If you wish, you can do it at other times by prior arrangement and payment of a fee.
Admission / Entry of Animals
Check in must be done from 3 pm to 6.30 pm (working days and Saturdays).
Exit / Animal Departure
Check in must be done from 9 am to 12.30 pm (working days and Saturdays).

If the customer prefers, he can choose to pay by the day (through the price list in force), thus being able to collect the animal according to his availability, or preference, in terms of schedule.
In the case of reception of animals outside the stipulated hours, an additional fee of one day is added, subject to 24-hour notice.
In the case of collection/delivery of animals outside working days and Saturdays, an additional value of €15.00 is added, subject to 24h notice. This fee derives from the need for an administrative employee to travel to invoicing the stay.
At the time of booking, it will be necessary to pay 50% of the total amount of the stay, non-refundable.
On the day of departure, the remaining amount of the stay and associated services will be charged.
The maximum period of stay is 39 days.
During the periods of Carnival, Easter, Summer, Christmas and New Year, anticipation of the departure date is not accepted without full payment of the reserved days.
Potentially Dangerous Dogs
IMPORTANT: All these rules are contained in the Law and are not written or imposed by Fish Planet or Hotel Monsanto Pet. We limit ourselves to following and respecting the rules established by law, for the safety of all tutors, employees and animals involved.

What does the Law consider to be a potentially dangerous animal?
“Any animal that, due to the characteristics of the species, aggressive behavior, size or jaw power, may cause injury or death to people or other animals, namely dogs belonging to breeds previously defined as potentially dangerous in the ordinance of the member of the Government responsible for the area of ​​agriculture, as well as the first generation crosses of these, the crosses of these with each other or crosses of these with other breeds, thus obtaining a typology similar to some of the breeds referred to in that regulatory document.”

What do you need to have when you have a potentially dangerous breed dog?
“The detention of dangerous or potentially dangerous dogs, as pets, requires a license issued by the parish council of the holder's area of ​​residence, between 3 and 6 months of age of the animal, granted after proof of the holder's suitability. Valid for 1 year.
Databases – The parish councils maintain a database in which they register dangerous and potentially dangerous animals, which must include:
a) Identification of the species and, where possible, the breed of the animal;
b) The full identification of the holder;
c) The place and type of usual housing of the animal;
d) Incidents of aggression.

The species currently identified as potentially dangerous are: Tosa Inu, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Rottweiler, American Staffordshire Terrier, Pitbull Terrier and Staffordshire Terrier.

For the purposes of the provisions of the previous number, the holder delivers the following elements to the respective parish council, in addition to those required by the regulations in force regarding the identification of dogs and cats:
a) Term of responsibility, according to the model in the annex to this decree-law, of which it forms an integral part;

b) Certificate of criminal record, constituting an indication of lack of good repute the fact that the holder has been convicted, by a final judgment, for any of the crimes provided for in this decree-law, for the crime of negligent homicide, for intentional crime against life, physical integrity, personal liberty, sexual freedom and self-determination, public health or public peace, trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, trafficking in persons, trafficking in arms, or for other intentional crimes committed with the use of violence ;

c) Document that certifies the formalization of civil liability insurance, under the terms of article 10;

d) Proof of sterilization, when applicable;

e) Updated health bulletin, proving, in particular, rabies vaccination (in addition to all mandatory vaccination – see General Admission Conditions – Link to Admission Conditions);

f) Proof of approval in training for the detention of dangerous or potentially dangerous dogs – The proof is awarded following approval in training aimed, in particular, at civic education, animal behavior and accident prevention.

It is mandatory to sterilize potentially dangerous dogs
”The reproduction or breeding of any dogs of the breeds listed in Ordinance no.

For more information, you can always contact our Hotel or access the DGAV website – General Directorate of Food and Veterinary Medicine – link to: DGV/genericos?currentmenu=23555&generico=14959&cboui=14959
Special Conditions
Special Conditions for more than one dog
- Upon evaluation and with a minimum notice of 24 hours, the team gives a quote.

Special conditions for long-term stays
- Upon evaluation and with a minimum notice of 24 hours, the team gives a quote.
Dog stays
- Daily Small Dog 0-10kg: €15.00
- Medium Dog 11-25kg: €17.50
- Large Dog ≥26kg: €19.00
- Giant Dog ≥48kg: €25.00

Cat stays
- Daily for all types of cat: €13.00

Exotic Animal Stays
- Daily Hamster: €4.99
- Daily Rabbit: €6.99
- Daily Guinea Pig: €6.99
- Daily Reptile or Bird: €6.99

- Daily Dog nursery: €9.60

Daily Food
- Cat – €0.99/day
- Small Dog 0-10kg – €0.99/day
- Medium Dog 11-25kg – €1.49/day
- Large Dog ≥26kg – €1.99/day
- Giant Dog ≥48kg –2.49€/day
- Exotic - on request

- Delivery (distance up to 20km) 10€
- Collection (distance up to 20km) 10€
- Delivery or collection extra km (over 20km €0.50 per km)

Baths & Shears (subject to prior appointment)

- Cat – Bath €30.00
- Cat – Bath + Shearing €30.00
- Persian Brush €20.00/hour

- Rabbit Shearing (until 1.30 am) €35.00

- Small Dog 0-10kg – Bath €20.00
- Small Dog 0-10kg – Bath + Clipping Machine €30.00
- Small Dog 0-10kg – Bath + Shear Scissors €35.00

- Medium Dog 11-25kg – Bath from €25.00
- Medium Dog 11-25kg – Bath + Shearing Machine €35.00
- Medium Dog 11-25kg – Bath + Shearing Scissors €40.00

- Large Dog +25kg – Bath from €35.00
- Large Dog +25kg – Bath + Shearing Machine €45.00
- Large Dog +25kg – Bath + Shearing Scissors €50.00

- Giant Dog +40kg – Bath from €40.00
- Giant Dog +40kg – Bath + Shearing Machine €55.00
- Giant Dog +40kg – Bath + Shearing Scissors €65.00

Other services
- Nail Cut - €5.00
- Hygienic Maintenance – €10.00
- Brush/remove knots – €20.00/hour
- Stripping – €25.00/hour

The bath includes: nail trimming, ear cleaning and hygienic clipping.
All prices may be subject to change without prior notice, as well as may be subject to change depending on the animal's condition/behavior. Customer discount not applicable. Prior appointment via phone or in person at the store or clinic counter.

Places for Baths and Shearing:
- Benfica store
- Barreiro - Coina store
- Arroios store
- Arroios Estefânia store
- Olivais store
- Palmela Clinic

Prices in effect at Hotel Monsanto Pet until December 31, 2022. The company reserves the right to change prices whenever necessary.
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